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THEMA: The Vape Device Is Getting Hot. Is It Ok?

The Vape Device Is Getting Hot. Is It Ok? 10 Monate 2 Wochen her #70219

The Vape Device Is Getting Hot. Is It Ok?

To extend the lifespan of an electronic cigarette its condition must be carefully monitored. When you notice your vape gets hot, it’s necessary to sort out where the problem comes from. There are several cases why an e-cigarette may become hot. In the article we disclose them and tell how to avoid this condition. Also, in the article you’ll find out where to buy vape in the UK online for the best price ever.

The battery of a vape device is designed to provide energy to a coil, that turns the energy into heat and as a result you get vapour from the mouthpiece of your vape. So, it’s normal when your vape device becomes hot a bit, it’s a working condition. The worries begin when the excessive amount of heat is noticeable.
From the beginning you need to find out where the source of heat is. It may either come from the battery or from the coil section. Feel the vape where the tank is and around the battery section, the hottest place will be the source. If the place is so hot you cannot touch it even briefly, it needs more detailed investigation.

The Reasons Of Getting Hot and Ways To Bypass Them

• Chain Vaping
If you are using a temperature control vape device, you know that the coil may fire up to 300°C / 570 °F. Even if the external side of the vape mod doesn’t get so hot, the coil heat is most likely the cause of the device is getting hot. If you are ‘chain-vaping’, puffing continuously for prolonged period of time, the coil will definitely become hot and you will notice that heat in your hand. Especially closer to the place where the coil is located.

• Coils
Some types of coils may affect the heat as well. More complex coils like Clapton coil will generate more heat than simple coils. To cool your vape down, it’s necessary to stop vaping for about 10 minutes and the problem will sort itself out.
But if you are vaping with a plain coil and not ‘chain-vaping’, and your coil still gets noticeably hot every time you vape? In this case, you need to look into the problem deeper.

• Coil Gunk
One of the reasons of overheating is the coil gunk, that prevents it from soaking up the e-liquid efficiently. If that happens, the coil becomes hot, but the energy your device is producing doesn’t have as much juice to absorb it, and the temperature raises much faster. The simplest way to fix that is to change the coil to a new one.

• Restricted Juice Flow/Airflow
Some tanks have “liquid flow control” and if it’s at the lower setting, the restricted juice flow will lead to less wicking, burnt hits and the heat around the tank. Also, it may happen because of the thickness of the e-juice. VG juice is thicker than PG one and using it with a wrong device will get to the wicking issue. The same situation is with the airflow, the bigger it is, the cooler the vapour and the whole device will be.

If Your Vape Battery Gets Hot
If you feel that the excessive heat comes from the battery itself, that is really hard to hold it in your hand, you need to take action immediately. If it’s a gentle warmth and you feel it will be safe, remove the batteries and check them. If the batteries are too hot to the touch, put them on a nonflammable surface. Then listen for hissing sounds and look for bulging on the body of the cell. These are the signs of a serious overheating. If this is happening, you can’t do anything to stop it. If it’s possible, move the battery outside and let it burn out.
Use CO2 fire extinguishers or water on a battery fire. If you’ve been able to play down any risks to anyone home and yourself, just let it burn out and deal with it after it’s cooled down.
If the battery is extremely hot, but without hissing or bulging, it means that the cell has been almost above its limit. In the case, just give it time to rest and get back to its normal temperature.

Overall, battery failures are very rare, they are as less than one in a million. Anyway you are forearmed now for any cases of vape device overheating. Enter Vawoo.co.uk, if you need any vape stuff: batteries, e-liquids, vapes, parts. The platform has gathered the best vaping manufacturers and sellers, that provide great prices for the high-quality products. Every week UK vape sale take place at the marketplace and there is a great chance to save money. Take care of yourself!

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